VMware vSphere 6.5 install can’t find USB device

Many of our customers run ESXi on USB devices and when attempting to upgrade or install using a vSphere 6.5 DVD, I was surprised to find that his USB device was not being detected.  After much searching, I discovered that VMware changed the USB drivers for vSphere 6.5.  The issue looks to be related to the new … Read moreVMware vSphere 6.5 install can’t find USB device

StoreVirtual advanced updates installation (Support Mode)

Automation is a great thing and can save you a lot of time if used correctly. Sometimes a manual approach is preferred, and that’s probably the reason why you are viewing this article.  The instruction described in this article will enable you to upgrade your HP StoreVirtual nodes one-by-one instead of by Management Group.  I have tested this … Read moreStoreVirtual advanced updates installation (Support Mode)

Ransomware and APT protection for SMBs

Author: David Sheridan, www.gallahad.net August 2016 Abstract Too many small businesses do not and cannot afford security personnel, so they rely on their IT staff.  IT staff are usually concerned with daily functionality of an operating system, rather than security protocol.  This paper will examine why small businesses may be a target to an APT … Read moreRansomware and APT protection for SMBs

VMware VDP Greyed out screen

VMware VDP Greyed out screen I have been having issues with this for a while and VMware seems slow to release a fix.  After installing and configuring VDP 6.1.x  the next step is to connect to the VDP appliance in the vSphere Web Client.  However, when attempting to connect to VDP the screen greys out and … Read moreVMware VDP Greyed out screen