About Us

David Sheridan

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Principal Architect

Committed to architecting concise technology solutions that achieve efficiency, agility, and profitability for clients.
Two decades of IT experience in multiple vertical businesses offering architecture, design, delivery, and project leadership.
A pragmatic and collaborative approach combined with perseverance consistently achieves high client satisfaction.

Our Mission

1 . Provide virtualization and cloud infrastructure to increase efficiency, drive down costs and improve agility for our clients.

2 . Provide information security services to protect and enable clients to safely conduct business.

3 . Provide excellent client satisfaction, and value.

What Our Clients Say

We cannot divulge personal or corporate entity names because we work under NDA and for many crown corporations:

“The communication and collaboration from David was excellent, and resulted in the successful delivery of the project on time and under budget.”

“One of the many things that I respect about Dave is his credible character. He is a guy that everyone trusts and wants to work with not only because of his
knowledge and skills, but because he is humble and honest.”

“As a project manager, I really appreciated that Dave was able to articulate the activities that need to be completed in a non-technical manner which is often
difficult for technical resources.”

“Dave would be a valuable member of any VMware project, not only from a design point of view but also during implementation. Dave has my highest

“David’s professionalism and superior knowledge of the systems helped get the project implemented and working perfectly in a timely manner and under budget.”

“David is excellent at engaging the proper resources and communicating to everyone. He gets input from all stakeholders and is able to bring all this into a
well documented design.”

Partnered With


VMware Professional Solution Provider Logo Gallahad believes that the VMware product is the best of breed to provide Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Connections, Cloud Desktops, Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions to their clients.  VMware helps us best serve our clients’ needs through the unique value VMware virtualization products and solutions offer – from the desktop to the datacenter to the cloud.

Gallahad fully leverages the VMware Solutions Provider relationship by utilizing their Best Practices and Professional Services intellectual property, however customizing the solutions to fit the client requirements and size.   This tactic elevates the quality of the Gallahad delivered solution while minimizing the cost for organizations that do not require extensive project management and test documentation.  Gallahad believes that knowledge transfer is very important in all engagements to allow the client to learn and manage their environment after project completion.


Fortinet Silver Partner LogoToday’s enterprises need to provide more connectivity to more devices and more data than ever before.  And ever-changing network architectures including virtualization, software-defined networking, cloud computing, and IoT make it increasingly complex.  Gallahad provides solutions that simplify the environment and ease management by promoting Fortinet that covers your security needs instead of complicating the environment with many point solutions.  The best solution is simplicity.  Fortinet’s training solutions for their partners are second to none and that intelligence is built into each and every Gallahad Security Solution.